The Happiness Sales Edge: The Research (Part 2)

Posted on Jan 19, 2013 | 0 comments

There are many studies that reinforce the importance of maximizing happiness in an effort to increase sales success.  In the next few posts, I will provide a brief glimpse into the take-aways from a few of these important studies.


In many businesses, sale professionals experience rejection 90% of the time.  That’s right, 90%!  Such massive rejection rate demands that a sales professional rebound quickly from the failure or other inability to close.  Research shows that happier people are more resilient.  The ability to bounce back faster from rejection gives sales professionals an advantage by being able to get back “up to bat” quickly and convey positive emotion to subsequent prospects.

It is certainly not uncommon for a sales professional to experience rejection, and those of us who are actively in the market promoting our business understand the feeling of rejection.  But that feeling is normal.  The real issue is what we do with that feeling.  If we are not resilient, then we are likely to succumb to that awful feeling, which adversely affects our enthusiasm to present our best face in the next sales call or pitch meeting.  The power of rejection is great, and without a resilient demeanor, we are no match for that sinking feeling rejection brings.

Thus, if we focus on our personal level of happiness generally, we will be more inclined to enjoy resilience and the power to get back “up to bat” which it brings–an absolutely essential quality for a successful business development professional.


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