The Happiness Sales Edge: The Research (Part 4)

Posted on May 12, 2013 | 0 comments

In the next few posts I’d like to share some additional research that helps us to further appreciate the critical relationship between happiness and sales.  This deeper understanding, can—hopefully—help energize us to achieve authentic happiness in our lives and maximize the benefits of happiness in our business development endeavors.


What do you think is the rejection rate for sales in most businesses?  In many businesses, sale professionals experience rejection 90% of the time.  Such massive rejection rate demands that a sales professional rebound quickly from the failure or other inability to close.  Research shows that happier people are more resilient.  The ability to bounce back faster from rejection gives sales professionals an advantage by being able to get back “up to bat” quickly and convey positive emotion to subsequent prospects.


Who would like to be more productive in their sales efforts—or generally?  Happier people are more productive, thus more likely to be efficient, persistent, and accomplished generally in connection with their sales efforts.  Inefficiency is a time-waster and deal killer, especially as an unproductive sales approach can cause prospective deals to die by sheer passage of time.

It thus behooves us to pay more attention to our personal level of happiness and use all the tools at our disposal to increase our happiness as much as possible.  In addition to this serving as a general life benefit, an increased happiness level can help us remain resilient and more productive in our sales efforts.


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